Revolutionize Your Company with Our

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Customized Flexibility and Innovation

In the modern business world, agility and innovation are more crucial than ever. With our Robot as a Service (RaaS), we offer not only advanced technology but a transformation in how your company accesses and utilizes robotic solutions. Choosing our monthly subscription is like embracing the future of automation today.

Why Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Immediate Access to Advanced Technologies

With our Robot as a Service (RaaS), you don't have to wait. Implement cutting-edge robotic solutions immediately and without heavy initial investments.

Maximum Flexibility

Like renowned services such as Office 365 and Netflix, our Robot as a Service (RaaS) subscription allows you to adapt the usage and scale of the services to your company's current needs, ensuring optimal resource control without long-term contract constraints.

Continuous Updates

Technology doesn't stop, and neither does our service. With the monthly subscription, your robotic fleet will always be updated with the latest innovations, keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

How It Works *

How It Works *

How It Works *

How It Works *

How It Works *

How It Works *

Choose Your Plan

Customize your subscription based on your specific needs.

Rapid Implementation

Our experts will assist you in integrating the robots into your work environment.

Continuous Support

We offer comprehensive support to ensure that the robots operate optimally and to quickly resolve any issues.

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Customized Plans

Robot as a Service (RaaS)

Considering the diverse operational and strategic needs of companies in the manufacturing and service sectors, our Robot as a Service (RaaS) is structured to offer maximum flexibility through three subscription levels. Each plan is designed to adapt to your company's specific needs, ensuring smooth integration and consistent efficiency.

01 Basic Plan: Initial Integration

Intended for: companies new to collaborative robotics or with low to medium automation volume needs.



  • Access to a core selection of robots: ideal for simple, repetitive operations.
  • Standard technical support: support during standard working hours to ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation.
  • Initial training: training courses for operators to ensure autonomous and knowledgeable handling of cobots.
  • Upgrade option: the possibility to upgrade to a higher plan at any time.


Customization: modify the frequency and type of scheduled maintenance based on your specific industrial operations.

02 Advanced Plan: Continuous Optimization

Intended for: companies with complex production processes requiring flexibility and adaptability.



  • Access to a wider range of advanced robots: suitable for more complex and variable tasks.
  • Extended technical support: includes priority support and rapid interventions even outside standard hours.
  • Advanced training sessions: in-depth training on advanced functionalities and workflow optimization.
  • Periodic performance analysis: regular performance reviews to ensure continuous system optimization.


Customization: choose the level of technical support and robot scalability options according to your company's dynamic needs.

03 Premium Plan: Innovation and Leadership

Intended for: large companies or those aiming to be leaders in their sector through technological innovation.



  • Complete access to all robot models, including the most innovative: utilizing the most advanced technologies available.
  • VIP support: dedicated 24/7 assistance for immediate support in case of any need.
  • Exclusive workshops and continuous training: personalized programs to ensure staff are always updated on the latest technologies and working methods.
  • Strategic innovation consulting: support in planning and implementing advanced automation strategies.


Customization: configure every aspect of the service, from the frequency of preventive maintenance to the specific selection of robots, to perfectly align with your company's vision and ambitions.

Each plan can be further customized to better suit the specific needs of each client. We invite interested parties to contact us to discuss options and define a rental contract that faithfully reflects your operational and strategic needs.

With these plans, we aim to provide solutions that not only meet your current needs but also allow you to grow and evolve over time, making the most of collaborative robotics' potential.

For a detailed and personalized consultation or to book a demonstration, please contact our customer service department. We are at your complete disposal to help you choose the most suitable plan and guide you on the path to advanced automation.