Collaborative Robotics Revolutionizes Room and Sales Services!

With the integration of innovative systems such as collaborative robotics, we aim to take the end-user shopping experience to the next level, even in the sales services sector. Applying the paradigms of #industry5.0, we aim to free operators from low-value-added tasks that limit their potential and return them as service protagonists.

This transformation allows professionals to develop efficiency and creativity aspects and focus on what really makes a difference in the sector, "customer service."

The anticipated benefits of integrating robotics solutions are:


Reduction of Operating Costs

Improved efficiency and reduced personnel-related costs through automation implementation can contribute to higher profitability.

Brand Image Enhancement

Employing solutions that automate parts of the process offers greater service uniformity and quality repeatability in production, ensuring service and product quality.

Increased Productivity

Automation allows continuous work "without getting tired," allowing for increased production and service even during unsupervised times.

Operational Flexibility

Our automation solutions allow for quick adaptation to peak workloads or changes in operations.

Robotica collaborativa: i benefici per il settore dell'hospitality
Benefici per il settore dell'hospitality con la robotica collaborativa: Cobot KEENON
Robotica collaborativa di servizio ai tavoli - cobot Keenon
servizio intensivo automatizzato per grandi eventi: Buddy beer per la somministrazione di birra


  • Reduction of Physical Strain Our robotics solutions can take on physically demanding tasks, allowing human operators to focus on more rewarding and less exhausting tasks.
  • Improvement of Working Conditions Operators can develop new skills, focus on value-added tasks, and excel. Customer shopping experience through faster, more accurate, and personalized services.
  • Reduction of Human Error Automating repetitive tasks reduces the possibility of human errors, improving service accuracy and alleviating operators' mental burden.

Benefits for operators *

Benefits for operators *

Benefits for operators *

Benefits for operators *

Benefits for operators *

Benefits for operators *


Excellent service for all

Our automation solutions can attend to customers more quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times and enriching the experience with the human (cultural) capabilities of the operator.

Higher quality

Robot precision ensures that each dish or drink is prepared and served with the same quality, with a focus on hygiene.

Customization options

Customers can customize their orders by interacting with our solutions, getting exactly what they need.

24/7 Service

Our automation solutions can enable continuous service 24 hours a day, improving service availability for users.
Benefici per il settore hospitality: Robotica di servizio Keenon